ENEL (formerly CODENSA) and EPM, the two main Colombian electricity companies, have just approved the HIDROSTANK modular manholes for the new projects they plan to develop in Colombia.


HIDROSTANK has collaborated during the last years with the technicians of both companies to define the models for the cable ducting. HIDROSTANK did several pilot installations successfully that made possible the homologation of the following models:


ENEL – CS274

ENEL – CS275

ENEL – CS276


EPM: RS3-001

EPM: RS3-002

EPM: RS3-003

EPM: RS3-004

EPM: RS3-005

EPM: RS3-006


Enel is a multinational company in the energy sector and a leading integrated operator in the global electricity and gas markets, particularly focused on the markets in Europe and Latin America. Its subsidiary in Colombia, ENEL (formerly CODENSA) is the largest commercialization company of energy in the country, with a 25% participation, we provide electricity to more than 3.4 million customers in Bogotá and in more than 100 municipalities in Cundinamarca.


Hidrostank had already collaborated with ENEL GREEN POWER on several photovoltaic projects both in Europe and in Latin America.


Empresas Públicas de Medellín E.S.P., better known as EPM, is a Colombian group made up of companies that are located in Central America, Chile, Mexico, the United States, Spain and Colombia. They offer services of electric energy, natural gas, drinking water, basic sanitation, collection, use and final disposal of garbage, and information and communications technologies. In its first stage, EPM only served the inhabitants of Medellín, where it began its activities in 1955. Since then it has reached a high level of development that places it at the forefront of the public services sector in Colombia.


These approvals join the awards obtained from important companies such as REE, IBERDROLA, ENDESA, NATURGY, TELEFONICA, VODAFONE, ORANGE Spain …