PAS-type weir screens at the Munitibar WWTP

At the end of last year, HIDROSTANK supplied its PAS type spillway screen, together with a tipping bucket cleaner, at the WWTP in Munitibar, Vizcaya.

The Bilbao Bizkaia Water Consortium has recently commissioned the Munitibar wastewater treatment plant and its associated collectors. The works, which have lasted almost three years, have involved an investment of more than 2.7 million euros, financed by the agreement signed with the Provincial Council of Bizkaia.

The system designed by the Bilbao Bizkaia Water Consortium consists of a treatment plant for the correct treatment of wastewater, a pumping station, a general collector and associated collectors, and a storm tank, which will prevent overflows into the Lea riverbed, with the consequent environmental improvement of the headwaters of the river.

HIDROSTANK has worked closely with the technicians of the joint venture formed by Ferrovial Agroman and Cadagua in defining the solution finally adopted.

Hidrostank designs, manufactures and installs PAS- type spillway screens, one of which is installed at the Munitibar WWTP. These screens have a high solids retention capacity and a simple, effective cleaning system. The screens feature a perforated grid of 5 or 6 mm in diameter, incorporating a pump that sends a jet of water through an ejector to keep the perforated grid clean. The pump has a cover that enables maintenance operations from the outside, differentiating the unit from competing products.

PAS type screens can be installed in new facilities or retrofitted to existing weirs. For retrofitting purposes, they can be dismounted through a single cover of 80×80 cm and then assembled internally during installation.

Since the first screens were installed in Lugo and Huesca in 2006, many Hidrostank PAS-type screens have been successfully installed in Spain.