Control panels

Water circuit for filling tipping buckets.

Once the level switch detects that the tank is empty, its signal is processed by the PLC and it opens the solenoid valve which allows the filling of the tipping bucket. A water circuit consists of:

  • Pipe system of polyethylene or stainless steel.
  • Solenoid valve, installed in an external or in the maintenance building to make easier the maintenance labours.
  • Ball valve to close the circuit if it’s necessary.


Control panel

It is used to control the systems (cleaning systems, electric actuated valves, PAS systems, odour control systems …) that are installed in a storm tank. It consists of:

  • Level control system of the tank, with instruments installed usually in the sump (level switches, conductive sensors, piezometric sensors, ultrasonic sensors …).
  • Inductive sensor installed in little plate on one side of the tipping bucket.
  • PLC.
  • It’s possible to make remote control of the systems.