Static Screens

The static wave screen is designed for screening storm water in various applications. The screen will retain solids, larger than 6mm in two directions, in the pass forward flow for removal downstream and does not require a power supply.


The screen should be located horizontally on the wet side of the overflow weir so that the storm flow passes through the screen and out over the weir. Where possible the screen should be installed below the level of the weir so that, when the storm has ceased, the water between the weir level and the top of the screen falls back through the screen providing an element of self-cleaning.

Weir plates shall be installed on all sides of the screen that are not butted up to a vertical wall.

It is possible that the screen could become blinded during operation therefore an emergency overflow weir should be incorporated in either the chamber design or the screen itself.

The screen should be manually cleaned after every storm event.