HIDROSTANK was born in 1996 as the result of a bet in providing innovative solutions that improve the performance of Construction, as well as the optimization of the management Sewage and stormwater (drainage) networks.

During this time, the HIDROSTANK has been collaborating closely, both nationally and internationally, with management, engineering, contractors, installers, EPC … who rely on our products for their different projects:

  • Infrastructure: rroads, highways, airports, railways, metro…
  • Developments, industrial estates
  • Projects photovoltaic / thermal
  • Drainage and stormwater networks

Encompassed within the sector all Civil Works, HIDROSTANK has three distinct business lines.

On the one hand, from HIDROSTANK Channeling we supply building material for civil works, among which highlights its innovative modular reinforced polypropylene access chamber. The HIDROSTANK access chamber has become an effective alternative to traditional manholes (concrete, brick) for all applications: Electrical and Telecommunications, hydraulic (sewage, rainwater, water supply …), gas … optimizing work performance significantly.

We complement our offer with other building materials, providing: cast iron and composite covers, manhole steps, clamps…

On the other hand, from HIDROSTANK Hydraulic, our technical office is providing solutions that help optimize the management of stormwater and sewage networks for 15 yeras, through design, manufacture, supply and installation of various hydraulic equipment for storm tanks, spillways … that guarantee the correct performance.

Also HIDROBOX cell infiltration is the latest venture to encourage, wherever possible, more sustainable urban drainage systems(SUDS), by treatment rainwater at source.

Finally, from HIDROSTANK Rehabilitation we offer equipment and services to help optimal maintenance of existing networks. The wide range includes from the rental and sale of stopping bladders for collector testing, to equipment and products for inspection, milling and rehabilitation of pipelines using trenchless technologies, retrieving driving and hydraulic structural qualities with a warranty or guarantee as to durability.

After fifteen years of existence, HIDROSTANK has managed to become a benchmark in the industry.

HIDROSTANK continues to focus resolutely on Innovation, and the integration of new systems that improve networks performance:

  • UNDERGROUND NETWORK: Boxes passage, caps, steps, clips tubes … to improve the efficiency of the construction work.
  • DEPOSITS OF RAINWATER: Regulators Flow, cleaning systems, Anti-Floating (baffles, grilles cleaning automítica), deodorizing equipment, valves…
  • URBAN DRAINAGE (SUDS): Cell infiltration for sustainable urban drainage.
  • REABILITATION: Balloons shutters, sealing tests, trenchless rehabilitation…