Elevating Spillway

Vertedero elevable

The elevating spillway prevents water from rivers and seas from entering the sanitation systems through the spillways, in dry weather it remains depressed and when the level of the receiving medium rises, it begins to fall, avoiding the entry of tides and floods into the sanitation collector , guaranteeing the correct functioning of the network.

The structures of the sanitation systems are designed for the necessary flow rates and retention volumes in each case, in order to avoid flooding or comply with the quality parameters established when discharging into the receiving environment during rain events. High spillway heights increase the risk of flooding upstream of the network, but on the other hand, low levels may not be sufficient to prevent the entry of external water into the sewerage network, with the problems that this can cause. AQA OV-FLEX is a liftable spillway which automatically adapts to the increase in external water level, thus protecting the sewage system.

Vertedero elevable


  • Prevents the entry of external water into sanitation systems.
  • Allows the construction of landfills with less height.
  • Minimizes flooding and damage from it.
  • Completely adaptable to existing civil works.
  • It works automatically without energy input


  • Relief flow.
  • Necessary reduction of the sheet of water.
  • Width and length of the relief wall.
  • Water levels during storms.
  • Space available around the spillway (existing work).
  • Maximum space available or required (new construction).


Vertedero elevable.pdfVertedero Elevable