Hidrostank has become a partner of water companies, designers and civil work companies in the design, manufacturing and installation of different equipments for Rain water applications in the sewer systems.

Our technical department designs each project and, from their experience and knowledge in our products and the civil works requirements, reccomends the best solution.

The equipments we have are:
  • Flow regulators.
    • Vortex Flow regulators.
    • penstocks.
    • flotation flow regulators.
  • Equipment for Cleaning Retention Tanks.
    • Flushing systems: As tipping buckets, Flushing Gates and Vacuum flushing systems.
    • Rotating Jet Cleaners.
  • Non Return Valves.
  • Retention of Over flows.
    • Baffle.
    • Static screens.
    • Pump action Screens.
  • Odor control systems.
  • Control Panels.

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