Flushing gates

Clean sedimentation creating a wave of retained water in the flushing chamber opening automatically the flushing gate.

How it works:

During the rain Event, the level of water in the chamber of the tank increase and the flushing gate is closed with the hooks actuated with an Hydraulic power pack. The flushing chamber is filled at the same time as the tank when a non return gate is installed, if non return valve is not used then the flusing chamber is filled when the level of water reach the weir of the flushing chamber.

When the tank is completely empty then the opening signal open the hooks and the flushing gate is suddenly opened very fast due to water preasure and creates a wave that flush all sediments.

To ensure that the gates do not decrease the energy of water getting out the flushing chamber, a dumper is istalled to delay the closing of the gate. In this wave risk of debris wrapped between the gate and the frame.

In case of more than one flush is required to clean sediments then a water supply system is required.

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