HIDROSTANK: Why use HIDROSTANK Modular Chambers?

HIDROSTANK would be interested in collaborating in future projects with the supply of our innovative PP modular access chambers for electrical & telecom, that enable the contractor to do the civil construction much faster.

These manholes are already certified by companies like VODAFONE, ORANGE Spain, TELEFONICA…

As main advantages versus other manholes, we are proud to state the following:

  1. Modular: Make the chamber you need. Its modularity also enables a flat packing that makes transport and storage easier and cheaper.
  2. High resistant: They can be installed up to D400 areas.
  3. Easy handling: Manual handling. Worth using from health and safety point of view.
  4. Fast & Cost effective installation: important savings on time, manpower, heavy machinery needed:
  5. Environmentally friendly: made of recycled polypropylene. Eco-friendly alternative!
  6. High quality: better finishing, possible bespoke inlets, and also exhibits improved ageing characteristics.

Should you require more information please do not hesitate to contact to us.